What to pack in his bag to go to India?

You are decided to go on a trip to India. You dreamed of it for a long time or on the contrary you have hesitated for a long time, but there more doubt you want finally to take the leap and to live the most confusing cultural shocks that a trip can offer. To avoid complicating the task on the spot, it will be about not to forget anything here. If it is a trip to prepare conscientiously, it is this one. So be careful not to forget anything.First of all a point of dress. It is complicated to give you specific advice. It all depends on the season you are leaving and the regions you want to visit. Temperatures can for example exceed 40 ° in the Ganges Valley or in Rajasthan and dive to -30 ° while gaining altitude in Ladakh! Plan well accordingly. Avoid short clothing such as shorts and Bermuda shorts, especially for women. In the same way, avoid discovering your shoulders.

During your stay here, you may be inconvenienced by hygiene. Prepare your medicine kit well with basic medications and especially what relieve digestive disorders. Carrying disinfectant wipes and a hydroalcoholic gel can also be a good idea.

Regarding papers, make a photocopy of your passport. A credit card will allow you to make your withdrawals. There are distributors in all major cities. A camera or a camera too because India is a sumptuous country and probably one of the most photogenic in the world. A French-English dictionary can be useful for communicating with the population, but know that not all Indians know how to express themselves in Shakespeare’s language. Remember to take a padlock, which will be useful when traveling by train for example.

To put in your suitcase:

  1. An electric adapter to recharge the batteries
  2. A camera or a camera to bring back sublime images
  3. A flashlight or a headlamp in case of power failure
  4. A French-English dictionary to communicate with the population
  5. A blue card for your withdrawals
  6. A photocopy or a scan of your passport in case of loss
  7. A photocopy or a scan of your passport in case of loss
  8. Clothes for the cold of Ladakh
  9. Lightweight and slim clothing, ideally cotton, for high temperatures
  10. For women, summer and winter, pants covering knees and arms
  11. Summer, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat
  12. A gourd and lozenges of Micropur
  13. A swimsuit and a towel for Goa or the swimming pool of your hotel
  14. A book for long waits in the station
  15. Closed shoes to avoid getting too dirty your feet and open shoes to aerate your toes
  16. A padlock for your bag or suitcase
  17. Disinfecting wipes or hydroalcoholic gel
  18. Your prescription if you travel with a lot of drugs
  19. A notebook and a pen to write down your travel impressions
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