Buying train tickets in India without going through the IRCTC website, it's possible!

For a few months now, there has been another simple way to buy train tickets without going through the IRCTC website. This is

What you need to know about this Singapore-based site:

  • It only allows you to buy the 100 most popular routes in India (presumably these are the popular routes of tourists too), the list of covered routes are here
  • You choose your tickets and pay at the website. They then make the reservation with the Indian train system IRCTC (as an agency). It is only when they get to secure and actually book tickets that you can consider that you really have your train tickets. So wait for their confirmation before booking a hotel!
  • You can only book certain train classes. In any case, these are the classes whose comfort is “bearable” by tourists. I would always advise you to opt for the “AC chair” class for short trips and “AC1, AC2, or AC3 Tier Sleeper” (AC1 being the classiest) for long trips. The Sleeper Class, without a clvused, may be too roots yade for you.
  • Of course, they take a commission on each ticket booked so the fares seen on IRCTC and will not be the same. For example, a ticket sold for 12 euros on IRCTC will cost 18 euros on this site.
  • But it is a simple solution and a good alternative to the official IRCTC website that has been bugging for months. Attention, I have never tested this site (no longer traveling in India), but I had good feedback.
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