The attitude to have in India for a successful holiday

Since religion is paramount in Indian life, respect for the codes of politeness, usage and well-being are fundamental during a trip to India.

A few protocols

Salvation is done by bowing and clasping hands, it can also be accompanied by a Namaste . The joined hands mean for the Indians the meeting of the spirits with their interlocutor. When the junction is made in front of the chest, it is normal salvation; before the face is to greet a master; and above the head to greet God.

The dress code is very important in India , loose clothing and long will be appropriate for men or women. And it is also customary to take off shoes before entering the homes of people who have invited you but also in places of worship or temples.

During meals in India, it is common and even good to burp at the table. Moreover, it is important to taste each dish, even if it is only a little, to refuse a dish could be badly perceived. If you do not want to be served again, leave a little rest on your plate. In addition, avoid serious topics such as politics or religion during meals, prefer family or culture. Also beware of spices, which can surprise your unaccustomed palates!

Anatomy, a serious issue in India

Touching the other person, if you do not know him or not, can be very badly perceived. The kiss, for example, is considered a sexual act. Because of this, lovers should avoid the marks of affection in public.The head is the most sacred part of the body for the Indians, so never touch them, even to a child.

However, touching the feet of an elder or a master is considered a mark of respect. Indeed, the feet, which are always in contact with the Earth, are considered dirty and impure. Once the feet are touched, the person expects a blessing from the master, and especially that he touches his head. Be careful, do not touch or name anyone with your feet as they are considered unclean.

As in Turkey or in Malaysia, Muslim countries where it is customary to eat with your hands, always use your right hand to eat  (also to give or receive an object). The left hand is reserved for personal hygiene and is considered impure.

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