Holi, the festival of colors in India

Holi in India and for the Hinduists, it’s sacred! Towards the end of February – the end of March, travelers join the Indians to celebrate the arrival of Spring with a lot of white clothes, water and colored powders.
Impossible to miss and above all, impossible to leave immaculate!
So put on clothes that you are ready to give up and enjoy your trip to India to take part in one of the biggest festivities in the country! But when, where and how?

Where to celebrate Holi? And when ?

If Holi is celebrated all over the country, it is still a celebration more celebrated in North India around the vernal equinox , about ten days between the end of February and the end of March. In 2018, it will be celebrated on the first and second of March. Above all, do not hesitate to ask the Indians what is the best place to enjoy it. They will be happy to advise you and maybe even take you with them. What better ? Rajasthan remains one of the favorite destinations to celebrate Holi but know that in Jaipur, where the festivities are huge, young Indians have fun throwing chemicals …

On the program of the festival of colors

A fire is lit the night of the first day, in remembrance of the cremation of Holika (the traditional Holi). It is from the second day that the festivities really take place: young and old, Indians and tourists come to the streets dressed in white to sprinkle themselves with colorful pigments and water! I had the chance to participate and I have wonderful memories: in addition to the exchanges of colors, it is exchanges of smiles, laughter, slices of life, etc., that you will have the opportunity to share with the Indians. Magical !

Holi is also ten days of continuous festivities in several villages. Village is changed according to a specific plan, that of the birth and life of Hindu deities.

On the culinary side, the specialty that is very popular with the Indians is bhang thandai, a blend of milk, almonds, cardamom, saffron, and … cannabis! Stay on your guard.

Holi, a symbolic

Originally, Holi was celebrated in North India before the plantation period. This was the last moment of carelessness, before the return of hard work.

Today, Holi is above all a festival of the Hindu religion, in honor of the god Krishna and his wife Radha. She celebrates the equinox of spring, but also fertility, sexuality and the victory of good over evil. As you can see, Holi celebrates a lot!

The colors of the pigments that everyone launches on the other have a symbolism themselves: red represents joy and love ; orange, optimism; green, harmony and blue, vitality. So good things!

Latest tips before Holi

If you have lenses, consider removing them or you are at risk of pain. If you want to avoid staying colored for several days (yes, it happens!), You can try to cover yourself with sunscreen resistant to water and oil!

Finally, pay attention to crowd movements and, a little more than usual, the risk of aggression. It is particularly advisable to stay with Indians you know.

In short, Holi is a wonderful holiday to discover imperatively on a trip to India in the spring. You will come back with colorful memories in your head! But some precautions are needed, as everywhere.

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