Rent a car with driver in Rajasthan (India)

car rental with driver in India – It is very easy to move in India because the various means of transport are very developed. Traveling by private car with driver is probably the most comfortable way to travel.

Driver in India - why?

  • Although the rail network is complete and connected, in almost all cities, booking a train ticket can be complicated in some cases. Traveling by car will avoid this inconvenience and will allow you to avoid the crowds in the stations.
  • Rent a car allows you to choose your departure times and move at your own pace. In addition, you can stop as you wish to discover the villages and landscapes you cross. You are more flexible.
  • You can chat with your driver who is Indian. He will be happy to tell you his life and learn about your country. In general, drivers come from the middle class and learn the English language from an early age because they have always bathed in the world of tourism (drivers are not francophones!). They can show you India as you would never have seen it for yourself: India that you do not see in tour guides.
  • The prices are very reasonable.

Car rental with driver in India - how much does it cost?

Rental rates for a car with driver in India

To book a car with driver for a day, plan:

  • 4000 ₹ : A small air-conditioned car for 3 adults
  • 6000 ₹ : One SUV – Toyota Innova type car (VLT type) for 4 adults + 1 child
  • 6500 ₹ : A mini-van for 8 or more adults

Warning : Prices may vary by region. The more you book in advance, the lower the cost per day and per person.

Prices include :

  • air conditioning
  • gasoline
  • the chauffeur
  • tolls
  • the driver’s stay and meals

Note :

  • If you are satisfied with his service, let your driver know by paying a tip at the end of his service.
  • Booking a car with driver is cheaper in Kerala than in other parts of the country. 
  • The rental prices of a car vary from one company to another. The prices mentioned above are only approximate.
  • The prices mentioned above are for long trips / distances. If you stay in the same city, the cost of renting will be more advantageous.

How to book / rent a car with driver in India?

There is no centralized Rent-a-Car or Avis organization in India for this type of service. You will rather deal with small companies. They are very easy to contact.

You can also contact drivers who work independently. An independent driver will pay more attention to the quality of his service because his business depends on his clientele.

We recommend that you book a car with driver before your arrival. You can contact rental agencies / independent drivers by e-mail.

Can the driver also be a tour guide?

It seems like no. However, it may be interesting to talk with the driver because if you like, he will want to make you discover the places he knows well. They will also give you good advice such as scams to avoid or good places to eat. If you want to discover a deeper place, we advise you to take a real guide who knows his subject at your fingertips.

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